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Your Starting Level

Beginner – Everyday Thai for everyday life

Starting your language journey right is important. That’s why, at ALA, all of our students start by learning and using Thai Phonetics to start seeing success quickly. The Beginner Thai language courses are meant to bring value to your everyday life in Thailand. Ordering food, shopping, or getting a taxi in Thai will be easy for you after your Beginner lessons. These lessons will be fun, interactive, and 100% useful!

Intermediate – Natural Thai in cultural context

After you know the basics of the Thai language, you will start to learn the more cultural aspects of the language. You will convert the Thai Phonetics into the Thai Alphabet so you will be able to read signs or any Thai lettering. Besides learning in school, you will also be expected to practice at home to improve and achieve the best results! After completing the Beginner and Intermediate courses, you will have no problem using Thai in your everyday life!

Advanced – Improve all communicative skills

After demonstrating your control and mastery of everyday Thai, you will start our expert Thai language courses. In the expert classes, improving Thai reading skills will be emphasized. You will gain more knowledge of Thai culture through discussion and reading in Thai. We will also teach you the fundamentals of Thai language paragraph structuring. You will be in complete control of the Thai language, from speaking to listening and reading, after completing your expert classes!

Thai Competency Chapter – Skills and techniques for Thai Competency Test

The Thai Competency Chapter will maximize your skills to listen, speak, read and write professionally in Thai. It will provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques for the Thai Competency Test, which is used to determine Thai language skills for the government and corporations.

Customized – Tailored for you!

We are always open to customizing our courses to best fit your needs! There are plenty of topics to teach based on your preferences and skill set. We will focus on teaching you through discussion and Q&A about any topic you choose. You can have access to advanced teaching and support materials to create interest and development. This is all about your language learning journey!

Our Course Outline

Program Pricing

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